Feel lighter with MSTS Instalment Plan

Go for what you want. Pay your training in advance and complete your training without worry.


8/28/2020 8:11:22 AM

Up to 12-months Easy Instalment Plan via Debit Card

Instead of paying for your course fee in one full transaction, you can now choose to pay them off in an instalment plan that suits you. With Direct Debit Authorisation Instalment Plan, we make it possible for you to fulfil your knowledge and skill development need and help ease the financial burden at the same time.

Don’t worry, the plans are offered at 0% interest, so you can pay without having to worry about it. 


We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about the Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) Instalment Plan that we offer. 

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What is the Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) Instalment Plan?

Direct Debit Authorisation (“DDA”) refers to the authorisation or mandate given by the Account Holder to the Corporation and Bank to initiate the Direct Debit collection directly from the Account Holder’s savings account.

 How does the instalment plan work?

Automated payment collection method – pre-agreed amount, date and frequency of payment.

    • User is required to complete the Direct Debit Authorisation (“DDA”) form.
    • The user MUST have the booking form together with details of training date & Course Confirmation form (“CCF”) number attached to the DDA form.
    • User is to ensure signature at DDA form is identical to the Account Holder’s signature filed with the bank. If the signature different application will be rejected by the bank (MBB).
    • CCF number Must be used as a reference.
    • User to submit original DDA form to MSTS for bank’s approval process. Timeline to process within 7 days within the same bank (MBB with MBB) and 14 days if the different bank (MBB to others bank)

The course fee must be fully paid prior to the training. Please refer to the below example:

    •        Total Course Fee: RM1,280
    •        Payment plan: 6 months
    •        Provisional Training Date: 1st March 2021
    •        Amount to be deducted per month: RM213.33

 Auto debit will be set on every 7th day of the month from September 2020 to February 2021.

    • 1st Instalment 7/9/2020
    • 2nd Instalment 7/10/2020
    •  3rdInstalment 7/11/2020
    • 4th  Instalment 7/12/2020
    • 5th  Instalment 7/1/2027
    • 6th Instalment 7/2/2022

Is there a minimum amount for the DDA Instalment Plan?

The training course fee must be more than RM1,000.00. We offer 3 instalment plan:

    1. 6 Months (for course fee ranging from RM1,000 to RM1,500)
    2. 8 months (for course fee ranging from RM1,501 to RM2,000)
    3. 12 months (for course fee above RM2,000)

What type of courses qualifies for the DDA Instalment Plan?

All training courses offered by MSTS  applicable for instalment payment via DDA with a minimum amount of RM1,000.00. All promotional price is not applicable for this mode of payment.

Is everyone eligible to participate in the Instalment Plan?

Only self-sponsored or private payers eligible for this plan.

Is the DDA Instalment plan valid for all MSTS Training Centres?

The plan only valid for training at MSTS Johor, Cherating and Miri only.

What type of card qualifies for the DDA Instalment Plan?

All debit cardholders for the following bank are eligible for the instalment plan.

What happens if I do not have enough money in my card for the next billing cycle?

Auto debit will be set at two times deduction per month (7th & 21st on the current month date) if 1st transaction failed then 2nd auto-debit transaction will be deducted to the account holder saving account.

What does it mean with 0% interest?

0% interest means no interest is charged during the instalment period being agreed. All bank charge during auto-debit deduction will be borne by MSTS.

How can I get in contact with MSTS regarding the DDA Instalment Plan?

Contact MSTS Finance at Melaka for further consultation and information about the DDA Instalment plan. +606 292 2069 or email to AR MSTS ar@msts-my.org