An unrivalled breadth of training methods

We deliver an unrivalled range of training courses and training methods worldwide. Designed to meet all your safety and survival training needs, we provide the flexibility and the vision to ensure that your training experience remains fresh, relevant, realistic and effective.




Practical training

Our well-equipped, modern training centres and multi-skilled instructors enable us to deliver high quality, flexible, innovative, and cost effective practical training. Hands-on experience with the support of expert trainers delivers exceptional results.

E-learning / Online training

Technology has made it possible to ensure competences are maintained over time via e-learning. We tailor online training to your needs and continually explore the possibilities in e-learning to create the most effective and enjoyable training experience.

Classroom training

Classroom training provides a strong alternative to e-learning as it offers opportunities for workshop activities and interaction with other participants. This always adds a powerful dimension to safety courses led by our expert trainers in a classroom setting.

Scenario-based training

During scenario-based training participants are confronted with incidents that can occur while executing daily activities. Various realistic scenarios, matched to work processes and procedures, train the participants on how to act and communicate in crisis situations. Scenarios can include both senior and operational staff and can be delivered onsite - either onshore or offshore.

Virtual-reality training

Virtual reality makes training more visual – in 3D– providing an enhanced experience for delegates, while aiding retention and recall. It also makes training faster, more affordable and safer. By learning in a VR environment, delegates can fully test their skills, and start the job with confidence in their own capabilities.

Onboard/onsite training

We have the capability to provide courses onsite anywhere in the world with the flexibility of our on-board/onsite training experts and our mobile training units. Our instructors are multi-disciplined and deliver courses worldwide for our global customers.

Simulation-based training

Our highly realistic simulation-based training is designed to trigger emotional reactions and test decision-making under pressure in a controlled environment. Our simulators can provide a very challenging, very rewarding, very effective training experience.

Company-specific training

All training can be tailored to be company-specific focusing on key competencies – backed by impartial assessment and documentation of individual skills. We always go the extra mile to ensure your workforce is trained to the highest standards.

Blended training

We can develop a blended training package that is tailored most effectively to your needs. We can blend different training approaches such as e-learning and classroom training with real life scenarios and simulations to ensure that your business is always able to maintain safety and compliance at the lowest cost.