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Learning Management System (LMS)

Comprehensive and innovative online safety training

We don’t view Digital Learning as a cheaper alternative to face-to-face training, or use technology for the sake of it. We understand the challenges and perceived limitations of online learning delivery in this industry, and continue to develop and refine innovative approaches and solutions - from our LMS, our online, blended and virtual classroom content, through to online/remote coaching and simulation.

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf platforms, our LMS has been developed in-house, allowing us to respond quickly and provide maximum flexibility of system configuration.

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Check below for the list of our Digital Learning courses that we offer through our LMS:

Training Compliance System

Be compliant while saving money on administration and training

The training compliance system offers full visibility and tracking of your employees' training compliance levels according to your internal or external regulations. Additionally, training requirements can be efficiently managed preventing or resolving training gaps, including the auto deployment of e-learning. Financial tracking of your training expenditure and forecasting of future spend are also all available on demand.

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Competence Management System (CMS)

Digitalising and reducing the effort required by up to 40%

A competence management system is a set of integrated business processes, encompassing the performance and development of individuals through a formal and structured system, from recruitment and selection, training and development and measure of the application of skill and knowledge through competence assurance, in order to be able to perform the job safely.

The competence management system enables the digital and real-time tracking for your employees towards their competence requirements as set by your competence framework. The system offers end-to-end coverage of the assessment process, including comprehensive data/evidence storage and audit capabilities, all required by international accreditation bodies.

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Digital Procedure Management System

Create and maintain an up-to-date digital procedural library that is readily available across the organisation

The procedure management system is used to digitise and store all procedures required across your organisation. Digital procedures can be assigned to those positions involved, ensuring easy access for resources responsible or required in a procedure.

Similar to our training and competence systems, the digital procedure management system allows real-time tracking verifying procedures have been read, and acknowledges they were understood. Digital deployment ensures only the latest procedure is available at any time. Verification can be achieved through e-learning or Q&As linked to the individual procedures, ensuring sufficient knowledge demonstrated before approval to proceed.

The digital procedure management system is fully compatible with our suite of applications. If deployed alongside the compliance and/or competence systems, an integrated view and management capability are available towards all three aspects of the workforce readiness (certification, competence, digital procedure compliance and awareness).

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Control of Work System

Create and maintain an up-to-date digital procedural library that is readily available across the organisation

A Control of Work is a system or systems that identifies the necessary steps and conditions in order to minimize risk and ensure work is conducted in a safe manner without accident or injury to people, damage to equipment or to the environment.  In safety critical industries, Control of Work (CoW) is the management process that is employed to identify the risks associated with maintenance and other tasks carried out on a day to day basis. Control of Work systems form an essential part of the Safe Systems of Work.

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