RelyOn Nutec Training Management Services (TMS) help maritime, oil and gas, wind, and industrial companies manage their training and licensing, while reducing administration costs and ensuring compliance.

A dedicated service to manage all your training needs

RelyOn Nutec Training Management Services (TMS)

A dedicated service to manage all your training needs

Effectively managing company-wide training needs is a complex task. TMS is the full or partial outsourcing of these tasks to a team of professionals, to let the company focus on its core business.

With access to over 750 training courses (classroom, online, onsite) from top vendors around the globe, our TMS division specialises in management of all your organisations training and competence requirements, to allow you to free up valuable company resources. Customized solutions are created to fit client needs.

What we do:

  • Are you compliant? We map training needs against company and regulatory requirements and manage your organisation’s certifications
  • Are you using the vendors best fit for your training needs? We identify the most suitable vendors and offer the benefit of a larger consolidated volume or can make individual training agreements on your behalf
  • Are you spending too much time on scheduling, booking and following up on training? We are equipped to handle all aspects from initial bookings, communication with participants to invoicing
  • Are you spending a lot of time organising logistics? We are available to handle travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Do you need an overview of your training spend? We offer consolidated invoicing and payment management with the capability to produce detailed reports and spend overview

Partnering with RelyOn Nutec Training Management Services means your global workforce is always properly trained and certified in the most cost-effective way.

Benefits of Training Management Services

Reduce administrative cost: many companies need training flexibility, because business plans change, affecting competence requirements and training plans. However, flexibility can come at a price. Without the right setup, re-organising planned training is a demanding manual and resource intensive task. TMS offers the expertise, the platform and instant vendor access to rapidly develop your organisation as needed. More flexibility without the need for additional internal resources.

Improve operational efficiency: many companies waste valuable time and resources, working on or between IT platforms which are not fit for purpose, require cumbersome manual work-processes, and have limited automation and poor reporting functionality that simply slows down decision making. By upgrading the TMS platform to become a seamless and efficient tool (instead of an obstacle to overcome), there are significant efficiency improvements to be gained.

Reduce training and logistics costs, with access to a larger network of training providers: without a broad network of potential vendors around the world, many companies lack local access to high quality vendors that could reduce cost of travelling and time away from work. By joining a TMS network of suppliers you not only ensure access to best training near you, but also at the best prices.

Reduce risk from non-compliance and increasing requirements to demonstrate compliance: many companies are experiencing increased pressure on their ability to demonstrate compliance, not only internally but also externally to existing and potential new customers. Failure to show sound compliance processes could lead to lost opportunities. Using a professional TMS platform, you ensure this is never the case and that there’s always full transparency and full compliance.

Avoid losing business: customer requirements change fast and the companies that react quickly and change with them win the work orders. By using TMS as an extension of your internal team, the relevant competencies are identified for you and your people are re-trained or upskilled to meet changing customer or regulatory requirements. Your company benefits from gaining a competitive advantage.

Fully Supported Service

The RelyOn Nutec TMS consists of 6 Core TMS Hubs supported with 35 Training Centers delivering services to Operators, Drilling Contracts & Service Providers.

We provide:

  • Dedicated team co-ordinating booking, admin and training matrix management
  • Supporting Training Portal LMS & CMS System or use of clients existing system
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Flexible approach to your changing business needs