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Could your business survive in this Hyper-Digital era?

The oil, gas and energy sector is currently going through a massive disruption especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. New technology trends are expected to flow from the upstream sector down to the midstream refinery operations, infrastructure, and petrochemical facilities.

The emerging technology makes the need to harness digitalisation solutions more prevalent and important than ever.

Hence, digital transformation is not an option anymore. What your businesses would need now are the PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to ensure a smooth and successful transformation to sustain and thrive through these challenging times.

To help you go through with the digital transformation process, the Government of Malaysia has provided special funding to eligible companies.

Get more information here or email to amn@msts-my.org

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Embracing Digital Transformation (DX) with MSTS Asia

The Future O&G is now!

Its time to start embracing the Digital Transformation (DX) through Digital Twin or CPS, towards higher utilization of CAPEX and OPEX.

At MSTS Asia, we provide a 1-stop solution for 360-degree real-time coverage of the operation and HSE related elements.

We can assist you to;

  • Create DX awareness among all your team members
  • Perform DX assessment
  • Start working on Proof-Of-Concept (POC)
  • Identify the best system integrator and solution provider
  • Justify to your board members on the ROI
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