Your Global Partner for Safety Critical Industries in Asia

At MSTS Asia, we understand the need to prevent accidents from happening at work, but we also know how complicated, time-consuming, and confusing it can get to comply with the latest safety requirements. That’s where we come in with our safety training and digital applications.

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Your global partner for safety critical industries in Asia

MSTS Asia was established in 2000 for the purpose of providing safety training and consultancy services to industries and the public sectors. As a member of the Denmark-based RelyOn Nutec Group, a world leader in emergency response and risk consulting services, MSTS has created a strong reputation for excellence and reliability in Southeast Asia.

With our single-minded commitment to quality, coupled with wide international accreditations and also our market-leading suite of digital applications, MSTS has emerged as the leading provider of safety and competencies. 

Adding on to our services is our RelyOn Bestari Healthcare which provides general medical, health screening, and Occupational Health Services with medical clinics located at Permas Jaya in Johor Bahru and Cherating in Pahang, serving a vast clientele in the industries.

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