Work smarter with Digital Applications

Based on 30+ years of experience in safety critical industries, we designed our applications with efficiency, trust, and safety in mind

Business Portal

Can I book and assign physical training or e-learning for my crews quickly and easily?

Yes, you can with Business Portal!

Adaptive Learning

Learning should be dynamic and enjoyable. Learners can optimise time spent on the subjects that need the most attention and improve the proficiency. The capability to evaluate the students' skills and knowledge is what you need; to improve learners' confidence level.

Training Compliance System

Track employees' training compliance levels according to your organisation regulations. The system digitalises and automates your training processes so you can focus on your core tasks.

Competence Management System

Track your employees competence requirements in real-time, including comprehensive data and documentation for a full management and visibility of workforce readiness. 

Digital Procedure Management System

The digital procedure management system allows real-time tracking verifying procedures have been read, and acknowledges they were understood. Digital deployment ensures only the latest procedure is available. Verification can be achieved through e-learning or Q&As linked to the individual procedures, ensuring sufficient knowledge showed before approval to proceed.

Control of Work System

Our control of work system which has been developed following a unique collaboration between subject experts and a dedicated software team, using the latest programming techniques for development. The modules in WorkSafe® including Task Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Energy Isolations, Operational Risk Assessment, Conflict Manager and Graphical Planner.


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