MSTS ASIA is the leading offshore safety training provider in Asia with the most number of OPITO accreditations, supported by a team of experienced and multi-skilled instructors and modern training facilities.

About MSTS Asia

MSTS Asia was established in 2000 for the purpose of providing safety training and consultancy services to industries and the public sectors. As a member of the Denmark based RelyOn Nutec Group, a world leader in emergency response and risk consulting services, MSTS has created a strong reputation for excellence and reliability.

With our single-minded commitment to quality, coupled with wide international accreditations such as OPITO, NEBOSH, IMO STCW, and GWO, MSTS has emerged as the leading provider of safety training and consulting services.

Adding on to our training services is our RelyOn Bestari Healthcare which provide general medical, health screening and Occupational Health Services with medical clinics located at Permas Jaya in Johor Bahru and Cherating in Pahang, serving a vast clientele in the industries.


Guiding to a safer future. With this always in our mind, we empowered the oil and gas industry by providing world standard safety training to the people.

Founded in 2000, we became the first OPITO approved training centre in Malaysia. With the demands in the industry, we expanded the business and established more training centres in Miri, Singapore and Thailand. Along the way, we obtained accreditations from international and local authority including NEBOSH UK and Marine Department to ensure you get the best training and comply with the international standards.

It is not just a business. We are committed to elevate the safety culture for people, businesses and society by driving a global 360 degree safety. With this implanted in our DNA, we keep moving forward and founded our first RelyOn Bestari Healthcare (formerly known as Falck Bestari Healthcare) in Permas, Johor to fulfil the needs of delegates and locals. In 2016, the second RelyOn Bestari Healthcare is established in Pengerang, Johor. Our doctors are experienced in both occupational health and safety and general medical services. We offer an extensive services including antenatal, drug, alcohol and blood test, X-rays, vaccination, ECG, minor surgery and more.

2018 marked another glorious achievement for MSTS. We established a training in Cherating -  only few hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur and strategically located at gateway to Kemaman / Kerteh; one of two major oil and gas hubs in Malaysia. The training centre also incorporates third RelyOn Bestari Healthcare and modern facility thus becoming one-stop training centre in the region.

Our Promise

We will go the extra mile.

Our business philosophy is centred on our number one priority – our clients.

Everyone here lives by this principle.

Hence, at MSTS, you have Our Promise that;

  • We are very serious about what we do
  • We will provide you with the greatest flexibility and unparalleled service
  • We continually review and develop new modules to meet your various requirement
  • We provide the best value for money

Because you are why we remain in business, we would respond promptly with the greatest flexibility in meeting every aspect of your needs. Whether it is booking period, course dates, course location, number of participants, meals, accommodation, transport or any other special requirements, we will do our utmost to assist.