New Safety Training Centre near to the east coast of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur

In view of the constant demand of world class safety training and our dedication to better serve our clients' needs, we are pleased to share with you the new addition to our family of training facilities


8/16/2019 12:00:00 AM

With existing four centres in this region, MSTS Cherating is strategically located at gateway to Kemaman / Kerteh, one of Malaysia’s major and vibrant oil and gas hubs. This centre will offer a full range of courses including personal safety, fire and emergency response and skill development courses. Hassle free to get training!

Not just that, this newest centre will also incorporate a medical clinic, the third RelyOn Bestari Clinic in Malaysia, offering a wide range of medical services to delegates and public within the locality including offshore medical check-ups and respirator fit test.