Do you require OPITO approved CA-EBS training?

Working at offshore facilities sometimes mean that commuting to and from the work site is by helicopter. And in some instances, it is required to wear an apparatus also known as CA-EBS. Here is all you need to know about training and working with a compressed air emergency breathing system - or in short CA-EBS.


9/2/2020 12:44:45 AM

The OPITO approved Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) Initial Deployment Training is now available at all MSTS Training Centres

Whether your team is on the east coast or across the South China Sea, we're here to help you plan and book the OPITO approved CA-EBS for your entire team. Complete your OPITO CA-EBS training before September 1st, 2021 and avoid the rush to do it later.


What is CA-EBS?

You need two essential elements, when you go diving: an oxygen container and a way to get the oxygen from the container, often a tank, into your body. A CA-EBS is just that - an apparatus that resembles a very basic diving gear.

The critical difference between diving gear and a CA-EBS is the size and functionality. As the name - compressed air emergency breathing system - implies, it is a system to employ in emergencies. And more specifically, it is made to use in case of emergencies when flying helicopters.

The small form factor means that the CA-EBS is incorporated into a life vest. The vest holds a small tank of compressed air and a mouthpiece. In case the helicopter crashes and passengers must leave the cabin underwater, the CA-EBS will add valuable time to the self-rescue procedures.

Its primary purpose is to supply enough oxygen for the passenger to escape the cabin. It is not equipment for recreational diving. Read more here.



Do it now and ✅ Avoid the RUSH SAVE Time  ✅ SAVE Cost

You can register as standalone training or as an add on to BOSIET, T-BOSIET, FOET or T-FOET training to save your cost and time in arranging accommodation and logistic. 

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The training is now available at all MSTS Training Centres including Kuala Lumpur*.

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If you have more questions regarding OPITO CA-EBS, requirement or booking, contact our Booking Office:

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*Terms and conditions apply. Minimum no of pax is required for CAEBS training in Kuala Lumpur

Updated on 16 June 2022.