The first VR Lifeboat is here in Malaysia!

We are thrilled to share with the world that the first VR Lifeboat training in Malaysia will be available in Cherating!


8/25/2022 9:16:33 AM

Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Virtual Reality Training

It is here, it is ready, and we are fired up to train your crews and create the history of the first VR lifeboat training in Malaysia!

Key Advantages

🚩 Allow seafarers to practice plausible emergencies

🚩 Will enable seafarers to practice at night and in varied weather conditions

🚩 Allow seafarer to practice in heavy sea state conditions

VR simulation training will reduce the risks to both seafarers and boats, yet the workers can experience various scenarios that they may face in a real working environment.

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Whatsapp: 019 - 983 2069


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